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Life Fitness

Core Bags

The Life Fitness Core Bags are excellent for multifunctional compound strength training and conditioning. Commonly used for front squats, upright row, clean and press, tricep extensions, Russian twists, as well as lunges, squats, and presses in a functional circuit. Core bags have several handles that make them easy to use for a wide variety of exercises. 

Technical Specifications

Weight range 5kg Green, 10kg Orange, 15kg Red, 20kg Blue, 25kg Grey
Material Vinyl with nylon straps
Construction Double-stitched, weighted core, foam encased
Product codes for bags 5kg: LF-CB-1000-01; 10kg: LF-CB-1001-01; 15kg: LF-CB-1002-01; 20kg: LF-CB-1003-01; 25kg: LF-CB-1004-01
Product code for storage rack LF25RACK

Fácil de utilizar

Para usuarios de todos los niveles de fitness

Los Core Bags de Life Fitness están disponibles en incrementos de peso que proporcionan múltiples opciones de progresión para distintos tipos de entrenamientos básicos, así como también para movimientos de entrenamientos más avanzados, funcionales e integrados.


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